Saving Orphaned Chimpanzees. One Recipe at a Time.

From Paris, France and French Laundry!

Almond Hummus, Panisse and Hot / Cold Eggs!  Willa's family hosted the Roots & Shoots meeting this week. . .and took on some of the harder recipes we've received so far:  Hot / Cold Eggs from Alain Passard (l'Arpege, Paris, France), Almond Hummus from Terces and Matthew Engelhart (Cafe Gratitude, Berkeley and Santa Monica, CA) and Panisse from Thomas Keller (French Laundry, Yountville, CA).   Thank you to Willa's family and thank you to these awesome chefs!  They we so kind and so generous to donate these delicious recipes.

The hot and cold eggs were complicated but worth the effort.  The part about cutting the tops of the eggs off with razor blades was a little too much for 6th graders - probably not something you want to try at home without adult supervision.  We improved by cracking the tops off instead. The eggs were hot, and the cream on top was cold. Together, they made a unique but delicious taste.

The hummus was an easier dish but equally delicious. It's great for dipping just about anything (or eating plain)!! We used the panisse to dip in the hummus.  Yummmm!

The final recipe was the Panisse. It came out nice and crunchy on the outside and soft and amazing inside. Before this, most of us had never heard of a panisse and boy, were we missing out!!

In the art room, we completed three portraits: Karen Pride, Kim Boyce, and Michael Pollan. They came out amazing for our book!!!!  Pan will be ready 2015!  Get your copy here!!!!!!!

Happy cooking makes happy chimps!

-The Roots & Shoots Girls