Saving Orphaned Chimpanzees. One Recipe at a Time.


The recipes we tried tonight included a delicious Veggie Frittata, sent to us by Michael Pollan (author of The Omnivore's Dilemma) and scrumptious Pumpkin Pancakes with Spiced Sugar,  provided by Kim Boyce (author of Good to the Grain).   Thank you both SO much!    :(])                                                                       

After a few interruptions of renditions of My Little Pony songs, we got to work.  Bad music, AMAZING FOOOOOOOOD!  

We started the night by watching a video of Jane Goodall releasing Wounda, a chimp that was rehabilitated at Tchimpounga and released at an island sanctuary nearby.  Watch it here - it's sooooooooo sweet. 

Afterward, we broke into three groups. Two were in the kitchen, making either the pancakes or frittata. The third group was creating paper collages of each chef who has donated a recipe. Although we didn't have the right paper for hair, they look GREAT so far! (Don't worry, we'll add hair next time we meet).

Then, we ate.  It was the best dinner, uh breakfast, we've had in a loooooong time.  All I can say is if you want your kids to eat their vegetables, this Frittata is for you!  And the pancakes were a perfect mix of pumpkiny goodness and sweet sugar spice topping. If you're looking for something you can serve every morning for the entire holiday season, look no further.  Kim Boyce's pumpkin spice pancakes are not something you'll ever get tired of.

All of these and many more will be included in our vegetarian cookbook, PAN, due out in 2015.  Pre-order a copy now!  All profits will be donated to the Tchimpounga Sanctuary to care for chimps that have been orphaned by the bushmeat trade.  

Happy cooking makes happy chimps!!!!

-The Roots & Shoots Girls

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